“We need multiple conversations about family and how to be your best self in that context. 
To have professionals come together for the growth and enhancement of family is a force worthy of support!”


At the onset of her own blended family, company founder and CEO Eugenia Blackmon often humored her then fiancé, now husband, with funny cartoons to visually map their family strategy.

Those cartoons were just the beginning of what has now become a life mission. Inspired to use her passion to impact others, Eugenia segued from tax law into mentoring and teaching life skills to teens in Brooklyn, NY. Through those sessions and conversations with parents, she realized that families needed better resources to help them overcome challenges.

In this digital era, families are no longer tasked to simply problem solve. Today, families are faced with challenges that raise complex questions with ambiguous answers. Although root problems remain the same, new family influences present obstacles that may seem impossible to overcome.

The ProActive Family was created to respond to these obstacles and uses a variety tools and methods to empower families to safely share their challenges and discover solutions. We are committed to making a difference and having a positive impact on the way people experience family!

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Eugenia Blackmon, Esq.

CEO & Founder

“Family is our first learning institution and those experiences lay the foundation for who we become as adults. We must be intentional and deliberate in the way we engage, heal, empower, and ultimately do family.”

Visionary for The ProActive Family, Eugenia Blackmon believes in the power of love expressed in the context of family. As the Company’s Founder and CEO, Eugenia is committed to ensuring that the multi-media resources The ProActive Family provides authentically speak to the challenges faced by families globally.

With razor sharp focus, Eugenia brings her all to strategic audience engagement and impactful program development. Her professional experiences as a tax attorney and multi-cultural advertising attorney have given her a keen analytical eye and an acute business savvy.

Personally, she is a wife, mother, and member of a large extended family. As a result of these combined experiences, Eugenia is passionate about honest conversation and authentic storytelling. Understanding the challenges we face in family, she envisions a community where challenges are safely shared for the benefit of communal solutions discovery.

From dynamic and relevant conversations to impactful and intentional skill building curriculums, Eugenia has invested countless hours in designing a blueprint intended to help families maximize their family experience.

Inspired by her own family, Eugenia is determined to positively impact the way people think and talk about family!