“We are committed to the cause, but we can’t do it alone. Your support sends a powerful message that family continues to be a major influence that shapes our future global environment.

We thank you for doing your part to advance the way we Do family.”


Family is private. Reflective Families anonymously share your family experiences to make the difference in someone’s life. The ProActive Family was built on the belief that through sharing our experiences, families are strengthened. Our reflective questionnaires, or as well call them “Reflectionnaires™”, are not sugar-coated. They are raw and honest reflections on how people truly experience family. Completing a Reflectionnaire™ is as simple as selecting a family challenge that you’ve experienced and thoughtfully sharing your story. Through sharing your experiences others realize they are not alone and together we are able to find effective solutions to shared challenges. Click here to Learn more about our Reflective Families program.

Our registration process is 100% anonymous, participants never share their name or personal contact information. Once registered we provide you with a random Contribution Number and you use that number to complete your Reflectionnaire™ you can track whether we use your contribution, by visiting this site and submitting your contribution #. If we have used your contribution the post will appear for your viewing. If we have not, a “We’re still working message” will appear and we encourage you to check back later.

Contribute in Three Easy Steps

1- Register with our Reflective Families program

2- Look out for an email link to the Reflectionnaire™ you selected to complete during registration

3- Thoughtfully complete your Reflectionnaire™ and submit your responses.

Story Tellers leave a personal legacy while warming our community with real people and stories! We work with aspiring writers, bloggers, and individuals with unique family stories. Our Story Tellers contribute to the Family Stories editorial providing anecdotal stories. Contributed content includes solution-oriented discussions about various family challenges, open-ended evolving journeys, and simple tips and tricks.

As a Story Teller you gain access to our writers community “Writer’s Block.” Writer’s Block is an online writers community that provides tips/tools to develop strong writing skills, provide comprehensive feedback for interested writers, and enables writers to develop a following while earning recognition for their contributions.

 Contribute in Three Easy Steps

1- Register with our Story Tellers program

2- Look out for your Welcome email from your assigned editor

3- Start storytelling!

Our Family Friends are worth their weight in gold! As our champions, Family Friends help us get the word out one share, tweet, or email at a time. The commitment is minimal. Once a month we send you a link to three graphics you can choose from to share on your social channels. Make your support personal and select a custom email to share with those near and dear.

As a thank you for helping us spread the word, you gain VIP access to our Corporate Supporters for the month. The more you share the more savings and access you gain. To learn more about our Corporate Support click here.

Join in Three Easy Steps

1- Register with our Family Friends program

2- Look out for your first email invitation to spread the word

3- Follow the instructions included in the email and receive your VIP Access for the month

To get strong you have to build muscle. Family challenges build family muscles. Allow our monthly workouts to take your family time to the next level.

The ProActive Family’s engagement programs support our non-profit It Takes A Village and further advance our mission to restore healthy family practices. Your contributions to our engagement programs increases awareness and enables us to provide provocative and diverse content. We thank you in advance for your time and commitment.